About GFBio

GFBio Mission Statement

  1. GFBio is the authoritative, national contact point for issues concerning the management and standardisation of biological and environmental research data during the entire data life cycle (from acquisition to archiving and data publication).
  2. GFBio mediates expertises and services between the GFBio data centers and the scientific community, covering all areas of research data management:
    1. Acquisition, Quality Control and Standardization: GFBio provides access to tools, standards and working platforms. These can be used during data creation, are suitable for preliminary data management and fully supported by the GFBio archiving centers.
    2. Archiving and Publication: GFBio provides the central national contact point for submission of biological data and mediates data archiving in dedicated data centers to ensure sustainable, long-term preservation and publication of data.  
    3. Access:  GFBio provides an integrated  open access data portal for data, managed by the GFBio data centers, and all its services.
    4. Analysis and Interpretation: GFBio mediates services for data analysis and visualization. This is based on the data managed and provided by the GFBio data centers.
    5. Education and Training: GFBio provides training materials. It organizes and supports events for the education and training of scientists on all facets of research data management.
  3. GFBio is establishing a business model to ensure the sustainable, long-term operation of its core services.
  4. GFBio is the central contact point for research data management for national (e.g. de.NBI) and international initiatives (e.g. LifeWatch, GEOBON, Belmont Forum).
  5. GFBio is committed to the highest standards of research data management, archival, and publication, as well as to implement the FAIR data principles.