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How to create a data management plan (DMP)?

Step 2

Collect general information about your project

Collect general information about your project right at the beginning. Besides the project name and the people involved, you already give a first impression of the research data you will produce.

What is your main subject? - In the GFBio DMPT you can choose between several categories from Algae & Protists to Zoology.

What type of project is it? - Maybe you are doing Laboratory or Field Work.

The funding you are applying for may also influence the content or structure of your DMP. Some funders have special requirements for a DMP as a mandatory part of the proposal (e.g. Horizon2020).

Funders as well as institutions or publishers may also have their own policies and guidelines for data management. You do not need to know all the details of these at the beginning of data management planning, but it is important to know the  requirements and to document them. If you are unsure which policies or guidelines you have to stick to, just let us know and we can support you in identifying them.


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