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Research Data


Despite enormous differences in characteristics, quantity and format, research data from various scientific fields are essential to multiply human knowledge and wisdom, they drive scientific hypotheses and allow to maintain transparency as well as reproducibility of research results. The representation of the relationships between data, information and knowledge up to wisdom (DIKW) within the DIKW pyramid illustrates this data-to-information-to-knowledge-to-wisdom transformation (Fig. 1). The prerequisite to generate and dynamically integrate scientific knowledge are standardized, structured data and descriptions (contextualisation), long-term preservation and easy open access to any kind of scientific data. In order to help scientists improving the quality and re-usability of their data (FAIR data), GFBio offers a wide range of services, support and training in various aspects of data management: 


Fig 1: Data, Information, Knowledge, and Wisdom (DIKW) pyramid

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