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General Project Information

What is the official name of your research project? *

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Is your research data reproducible?

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Provide your project abstract or describe your work and the data involved.

Who is the point of contact for the project data? *

Who are the principal investigators?

Same as point of contact for project data.

For which funding are you applying?

If you are part of a coordinated programme (Koordinierte Programme, Verbundprojekte), is there any specific coordination, guideline or policy for data management?

Are you a member of a research unit (Forschungsgruppe)?

I am a member of a research unit (Forschergruppe).

What is the total budget of your research proposal?

Which policies or guidelines for research data management will you follow?

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Data Collection

Do you want to submit physical objects along with your data?

Is your object dead or alive?

Is your object taxon-based?

Do you have mainly sequence data?

What type of data will you create?

What file formats will you create?

Please estimate the data volume you will create.

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Please estimate the number of data sets (files) you will create.

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What standards, methodologies or tools will you use to collect, manage and process your data?

Documentation and Metadata

Which metadata schema does your data support (if any)?

Ethics and Legal Compliance

Which legal requirements will your research data meet?

How will your data be licensed for reuse?

Do you need access restriction for your data?

Preservation and Sharing

When will your data be submitted to GFBio?

Data linked to an article (or another kind of publication) will be submitted before or at the same time as the publication of the article. This option will allow you to refer to your dataset via unique identifier (e.g. DOI) within your article.
Datasets will continously be submitted during the project´s runtime.
All datasets will be submitted at the end of the project.
All datasets will be submitted no later than one year after the project's end.
Other submission plan

How is your data backed up during project runtime? Who is responsible for data backup?

Where will your data be long-term archived?

Do you need a persistent identifier (e.g. ePIC PID / DOI) for your data?

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