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How to search data

During proposal writing and creating a data management plan, you might want to check the status quo for the availability of data of your study object or site - or you have already collected data and would like to incorporate data from other authors, regions, species etcetera. There are loads of reasons to search for data. GFBio integrates data from a range of associated data centers. Use our search engine to discover data from various sources and filter with regard to author, publication year or geographical region.

Add datasets to your personal GFBio basket and display them in the map viewer.

Click on the basket symbol  of the dataset you want to display on the map. You can change the color for better contrast.


See the data description and learn more about the dataset.

Click on Data Description below the dataset you want to explore and learn more about it. These so-called metadata give information about authors, location, collected parameters, citation, license and others.


Download a dataset.

If you are allowed to download a dataset depends on the license which is attached to it. In this example, regarding the Creative Commons License, you can directly download the dataset. Choose Data Download below the dataset and save the data to your local system.