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How to create a data management plan (DMP)?

GFBio aims at supporting individual researchers, research groups, and large projects to develop and implement effective data management strategies for FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Re-usable) data as part of good scientific practice.

A well-structured Data Management Plan (DMP) clarifies how and what data will be created, processed, and documented. It names means of data archiving and publication regarding costs as well as access conditions for the scientific community and the public. In short, a DMP helps you to ask all the right questions concerning data management. Also, DMPs are increasingly required as a mandatory proposal part by research institutions and funding agencies. By writing a DMP, you save a lot of time in the long run, you are aware of potential data management obstacles, and you increase the transparency as well as the integrity of your work.

In this how-to, you learn about preparing a data management plan with the GFBio Data Management Plan Tool (DMPT) and about the services GFBio offers to support you.

How to search data?

During proposal writing and creating a data management plan, you might want to check the status quo for the availability of data of your study object or site - or you have already collected data and would like to incorporate data from other authors, regions, species etcetera. There are loads of reasons to search for data. GFBio integrates data from a range of associated data centers. Use our search engine to discover data from various sources and filter with regard to author, publication year or geographical region.

How to integrate datasets from your search in the VAT tool?

After successfully having searched for datasets, you might want to explore them more in-depth. For this purpose, GFBio offers the VAT Tool (visualization, analyzation, transformation). Please note: You have to be logged in to use this function.