How to create a data management plan (DMP) ?

Step 4

Say something about the way you will describe your data (metadata)


Have you already thought about metadata?

Metadata are the description of your research data. They contain important information on the data content, collection, and processing (who, when, what, where, how, how often, etc.). Only by means of metadata, data portals like GFBio can browse, filter, and navigate through huge research data collections. They also make your data findable. There are certain metadata standards and defined terminologies which enable the integration of research data from different partners. You can for example use our VAT tool and intersect your own data sets with layers from GFBio data archives.

You are already familiar with metadata standards and know how to handle them?
That's great, list all the standards you will support in your DMP.

You have no idea of what we are talking about or you don't know yet what your metadata will look like?
Don't worry, just let us know and we will find out with you.

Also have a look at our data life cycle fact sheet Describe.