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Countdown for the Research Data Alliance 10th Plenary meeting!

Pack immediately! La crème de la crème will be in Montréal for the RDA 10th Plenary Meeting 19-21 September 2017


The Research Data Alliance (RDA) Plenaries are organized regularly (every 6 months) with the objective of gathering the vast community of data scientists, librarians, computer scientists, and domain scientists in order to improve their communication, data sharing and to discuss the latest know-how in each domain. The RDA 10th Plenary meeting will include several oral communications, working sessions and a poster showcase.

Kobkaew Opasjumruskit, FSU Jena, is certainly going to enjoy representing GFBio with the poster entitled “Data Life Cycle in Practice: An experience report from GFBio”. She will introduce GFBio to the RDA community emphasizing that our project is already providing a comprehensive infrastructure and individual support for acquiring, appraising, arranging, managing, preserving, harmonizing, and publishing research data.

Kobkaew will be in very good company with Stefanie Schumacher, Alfred Wegener Institute / PANGAEA, who will present the poster “PANGAEA - more than 20 years serving the earth science community with data archiving and publication” and Markus Stocker, Universität Bremen / PANGAEA, who will present the poster “OpenAIRE-Connect: Introducing and Implementing the Concept of Open Science as a Service”. Stefanie will also give a short presentation on the work of PANGAEA in the Marine data Harmonization interest group. Markus will, furthermore, talk about data repositories in the meeting The evolving certification landscape and will chair two other meetings: From Observational Data to Information Interest Group (OD2I IG) Kick-Off Meeting and First meeting to discuss forming a WG on Persistent Identification of Instruments.

We wish our three fellow scientists fruitful discussions and an agreeable stay in Montréal. Keep in touch and do let us know what it’s like to attend the RDA Conférence!



GFBio on the way to Ottawa TDWG 2017!

Can current systems, methods, and schemas be used to capture and understand patterns of association amongst occurrences, genes, phenotypes, and environments? If so, how? If not, what gaps need to be filled? Uff! Yes, this is provocative enough and GFBio is happy to take part in the discussion! If you want to join, meet us at the TDWG 2017 October 1-6, Ottawa, Canada.


GFBio participation in the TDWG 2017 annual meeting is official. We are very excited about the conference, which will unite the TDWG community from around the world with the promise to debate data integration within the data deluge.

The Biodiversity Information Standards (TDWG), or Taxonomic Databases Working Group (since, the acronym) is a not for profit scientific and educational association affiliated with the International Union of Biological Sciences. The TDWG gathers every year since 1985 to discuss the hottest issues stirring the community. This year’s scientific program is an extensive catalogue of symposia and workshops, and includes one presentation from the GFBio project.

Felicitas Löffler (Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena) and Jana Hoffmann (Museum für Naturkunde Berlin) will take the podium to represent GFBio in the symposium Bridging Gaps between Biodiversity Informaticians and Collections Professionals. Their presentation will reveal how GFBio is succeeding in bringing together scientific data from various sources and making it publicly available through one search system integrated in the portal. The portal also being a single access point to all GFBio services. As Felicitas puts it,

“GFBio is a very good example on how to overcome problems with different metadata standards e.g. ABCD in the collections and pansimple (extended Dublin Core) in PANGAEA. We made it to bring scientific data together from various sources: collections, museums, and environmental and molecular archives. Selected data from these data providers are now publicly available in one search system, our facets (filtering functions) are working for all these different data types.”

Take a look at the abstract  Setting up an Interdisciplinary Data Infrastructure: Why Cooperation between Domain Experts and Computer Scientists Matters - An Experience Report from the GFBio Project, which is already online at the Proceedings of TDWG.

For more information on TDWG, please visit the association’s website or #TDWG17 and stay updated.

Spots on for Jana and Felicitas!



GFBio online survey active until 30 September 2017

“Users' Perspective on Research Data Management in Biological and Environmental Sciences” – participate NOW in our survey!


Dear fellow researcher,


At GFBio, we are continuously working to optimize our services and to improve our data management support. We strive to meet the needs of both researchers and funding agencies, concerning reproducible and reusable data.

Luckily, we are not alone in this endeavour, we have you!

We have counted, in the past, with your comments, remarks, observations, advices, and criticism to develop and to expand our project. We are counting on you again.

We want to learn more about your necessities, requirements and existing routines regarding the handling of research data. Only with your feedback, will we be able to adapt our services accordingly.


Please, fill in our SURVEY “Users' Perspective on Research Data Management in Biological and Environmental Sciences”. Your opinion is vital to us.

**The survey takes about 20 minutes**


Thank you very much for your time and your willingness to help us!


Yours truly,

GFBio team


16th International Semantic Web Conference 2017

ISWC 2017 Vienna, Austria, October 21-25

Each year, the International Semantic Web Conference gives stage to fundamental research, innovative technology, and applications concerning semantics, data, and the Web. The ISWC 2017 (Vienna, October 21-25) will focus on semantic technologies and promises to join researchers, practitioners and industry specialists in different workshops, talks, technical sessions, and poster&Demo sessions.

Several calls are out and deadlines are fixed. Check the website for more information about this thrilling event.

GFBio Naouel Karam will be co-chairing the 2nd International Workshop on Semantics for Biodiversity S4BioDiv, co-located with the ISWC 2017. Naoul kindly invites you to attend the workshop and is looking forward to welcome you in Vienna! The deadline for submitting an abstract to S4BioDiv is July 14, 2017.

It looks like there will be a lot of discussion going on in Vienna!

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